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Hotel Accommodationand Optional Tours
General Information
Access to Kyoto
Map of Kyoto
Hotel Accommodation
JTB Corp. has been appointed as the official travel agent for the Congress and will handle all related travel arrangements, including hotel accommodations and tours.
JTB Kyoto Office
Higashi-shiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8216 Japan
Phone: +81-75-361-7241
Fax: +81-75-341-1028
JTB has block reserved hotels in Kyoto during the Congress period. Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are requested to specify the order of preference in the application form for booking the accommodation. In case that the first choice cannot be met, a hotel of the second choice will be booked among the same grade of hotels.
Hotel Accommodation (*Hotels not shown in the list can also be arranged for accommodation.)
* Single occupancy of twin room
Notes: 1) Room rates include tax and service charge. 2) Room rates do not include breakfast.
Participants who want to reserve hotel accommodation or optional tours are requested to fill in the Application Form, which should be filed with JTB no later than July 28, 2004.
It is requested that the payment of a hotel deposit amounting to ¥5,000 JPY together with the total sum of the tariff for optional tours be made payable to JTB at the time of application.
Reservation will not be confirmed until the payment of the above. Personal checks are NOT accepted. Payments are acceptable only in the denomination of Japanese yen. Hotel deposits will be credited against the bill at the time of check out.
Payments made in the following forms are acceptable:
* A bank transfer to the JTB Kyoto Office 5407990 UFJ Bank Chiyoda Branch
* The following credit cards are acceptable: 1. MasterCard 2. Diners Club 3. Visa Card 4. AMEX
In the event of cancellation, written notification should be sent to JTB. The following cancellation fees will be deducted before refunding.
Hotels : 9 days prior to the date of arrival 1,000 JPY
  8 to 2 days prior to the date of arrival 20% of the daily room charge
  1 day before the arrival 80% of the daily room charge
  On the date of arrival or no notice given 100% of the daily room charge
Tours : Up to 21 prior to departure day 2,000 JPY
  20 - 8 days 10% of tour fare (minimum 2,000 JPY)
  7 - 1 days 20% of tour fare (minimum 2,000 JPY)
  Prior to starting time, or failure to show without notice 100% of tour fare
Optional tours
Guidance for sightseeing will be offered at the Travel Desk on the day of conference.
Tours not shown below can be arranged also.
OP-1 Kyoto One Day Tour
Date & Time : Daily 07:30-18:30
Departure point : New Miyako Hotel
Price : 11,000 JPY (Normal rate 11,200 JPY) per person / all admission fees and ncluded.
Places to visit :
* AM : Kyoto Morning Tour
* Lunch at Kyoto Handicraft Center
* PM : Kyoto Afternoon Tour
OP-2 Kyoto Morning Tour
Date & Time : Daily 08:15-13:00
Departure point : New Miyako Hotel
Price : 5,000 JPY (Normal rate 5,300 JPY) per person / all admission fees included.
Places to visit :  
* Nijo Castle-A palace used as a family residence for the Tokugawa, the rulers of Japan during the Shogunate age
* Gold Pavilion-One of the most popular Buddhist temples in Kyoto. It would not be wrong to say that its garden represents the authentic and most exquisite Japanese art of garden landscaping.
* Kyoto Imperial Palace-A former residence of the Japanese Imperial family
(It is advisable to visit the Higashi Honganji Temple instead on Sat., Sun. and national holidays.)
* Kyoto Handicraft Center-Traditional craftwork is demonstrated by skilled craftsmen.
Upon arrival at the Handicraft Center, the tour is adjourned.
Bus services are offered by the Handicraft Center bound for major hotels in the city.
OP-3 Kyoto Afternoon Tour
Date & Time : Daily 13:10-17:10
Departure point : New Miyako Hotel
Price : 5,000 JPY (Normal rate 5,300 JPY) per person / all admission fees included.
Places to visit :
* Heian Shrine-Graceful old court life is reflected in the brightly colored shrine with its vermilion pillars, green roof, and its enchanting inner gardens and ponds.
* Sanjusangendo Hall-A renowned long wooden hall housing 1,001 statues of Kannon that date back to the 13th century.
* Kiyomizu Temple-A quaint old lane lined with pottery shops leads to the temple.
Enjoy a sweeping view of the entire city from its lofty terrace.
OP-4 Kyoto Special Night
Date & Time : August 24, (Tue.) and August 26, (Thu.) 07:30-18:30
Departure point : New Miyako Hotel
Price : 10,000 JPY (Normal rate 11,000 JPY) per person / all admission fees and supper included.
Places to visit :  
* Tea Ceremony-Walk through a Japanese garden and enter a cozy tea room, where a tea master will serve tea and Japanese sweets to each guest individually in traditional style.
* Zen-style Tempura Suppe-Enjoy famos ''Tempura'' style cuisne.
* Maiko Lane-Walk to Gion Corner through the Gion area with its well-preserved old houses reminiscent of the ancient days of Kyoto. Traditional Performance at Gion Corner : See a delightful pageant of seven traditional Japanese arts :
* Traditional arts-koto music, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, gagaku (ancient court music and dance), kyogen (classical comic theater), kyomai (Kyoto-style Japanese dance), and bunraku (puppet drama).
OP-5 Experience Authentic Japanese Culture at Machiya
Date & Time : August 26 (Thu.) 13:40-16:00
Departure point : New Miyako Hotel
Price : 13,000 JPY per person / all admission fees included
Places to visit :
* Tondaya (Historical House)-Located in the Nishijin district, a textile production area in Kyoto dating back to the 15th century. Tondaya remains to this day in its original form as a traditional merchant's house.
Participate in a traditional tea ceremony where you will be served green tea and Japanese sweets.
OP-6 Walking in Sagano-Arashiyama
Date & Time : August 25 (Wed.) and August 28 (Sat.) 08:55-13:00
Departure point : New Miyako Hotel
Price : 7,800 JPY per person / all admission fees included
Places to visit :
* Stroll through Sagano Bamboo Grove, Togetsukyo Bridge
* Jojakko-ji Temple-Located halfway up a mountain, this temple has a 12-meter-high pagoda in its precinct. Graced with many Japanese maples.
* Tenryu-ji Temple-The head Temple of the Rinzai Zen school built in the 14th century.
Its expansive, carefully designed gardens are famous.
OP-7 Nara Afternoon Tour
Date & Time : Daily 13:10-18:00
Departure point : New Miyako Hotel
Price : 6,000 JPY (Normal rate 6,300 JPY) per person / all admission fees included.
Places to visit :
* Todai-ji Temple-the world's largest wooden building housing the 50-feet-high Great Buddha
* Peaceful Deer Park-where many tame deer roam the grounds
* Vermilion-hued Kasuga Shrine with its thousands of lanterns
* Countryside drive to Nara.
OP-8 Pearl Island Ise One Day
Date & Time : August 25, (Wed.) and August 27, (Fri.) 08:15-17:00
Departure point : New Miyako Hotel
Price : 24,000 JPY (Normal rate 25,000 JPY) per person / all admission fees included.
Places to visit :  
* Mikimoto Pearl Island-Visit the Celebrated Mikimoto Pearl island to observe a demonstration of pearl cultivation and the making of exquisite pearl jewelry and see the women pearl divers at work. Be sure to bring your passport with you since pearls can be purchased at duty-free prices here.
Lunch at Toba Hotel International
* Ise Jingu Shrine-Ise Jingu shrine, dating back to the 7th century, stands as Japan's most sacred shrine. The architecture is typical of the ancient Japanese variety: simple design, non-curving lines and unpainted wood.
Other tours are offers by JTB including those starting at Tokyo. During the Congress, details are available at the JTB Desk, where reservations can be made.
OP-8 Tokyo Morning   OP-8 Tokyo Afternoon
Date & Time : Daily 8:15-13:00   Date & Time : Daily 13:00-18:00
Departure point : Tokyo station etc.   Departure point : Tokyo station etc.
Price : 5,000 JPY per person   Price : 5,000 JPY per person
Places to visit :
* Tokyo Tower Observatory, Imperial Palace Plaza, drive through Akihabara, Asakusa Kannon Temple & Nakamise Shopping Arcade, drive through Ginza and introduction of pearl culture at Tasaki Pearl
OP-8 Day Trip to Mt. Fuji-Hakone
Date & Time : Daily 8:00-20:00 (minimum 5 persons)
Departure point : Tokyo station etc.
Price : 12,000 JPY per person / all admission fees, lunch included
Places to visit :
* Deluxe motorcoach drive along the expressway to Mt. Fuji
* Drive to Hakone
* Picturesque Japanese countryside
* A cruise on Lake Ashi
* Fuji Visitor Center
(On Mondays, a visit to the Peace Pagoda instead of the Center)
* Mt. Komagatake Aerial Cableway
* A drive halfway up Mt. Fuji
* Return by Motorcoach to Tokyo
* Western-style lunch at Hotel Highland Resort
JTB may revise tour schedules, contents, and services in case of natural calamity or disaster.
16th IFAA 2004 Kyoto